Gifted Gorgeousness-May


Here is one final FFO for this month, double dipping with Jo’s Gifted Gorgeousness link up, a little present for my Sister-In-Law!

Ta dah!

She loves gnomes and when I saw this little guy I knew I had to make it up for her. It is just one of those little kits by Janlynn. I finished it nicely for her though instead of using the cheesy plastic frame that came with it.

This dear SIL of mine is quite the stitcher in her own right. She has made birth samplers my girls and oldest son. I am glad to show off her impeccable work! (Just don’t mind the wonky angles-these are framed with glass because they’re in the kids’ rooms and I was trying to avoid glare.)

(She got bogged down in the one for the younger son, and I told her that’s ok!)

And she is the one who made me this darling kitty banner which I have showed before:

We’re sisters-in-law but we’ve been friends since high school so I guess I’m pretty lucky! Except that we live 2000 miles apart and hardly ever see each other!

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FFO Gallery-May


I have a some small finishes to share for Rachel’s Fully Finished Object Gallery this month.

First I finished up the JBW Spring Bouquet needlebook. See why I wanted to get this one? It’s such a pretty thing! The finishing materials were included in the kit. The fob is a tiny version of the needlebook and I’ll make that some time.

Next is my Gather Ye Rosebuds Strawberry by The Purple Thread which I stitched in March.

This was another Nashville kit that came with all the finishing materials. The top is a little too fluffy for the berry but I love the heart locket that came with the kit!

And finally I have my La D Da heart fob I mentioned before but did not show. It is a little, little thing, and was terribly fiddly. I am not very pleased with it because it is too lumpy and warped. I guess it is supposed to be “prim” so we’ll go with that and pretend an 8 year old made it 100 years ago.

Here is the back side. Now I need to find my one pair of black scissors to put it on because I think it will suit.

I’m working on some other things but they’re not done yet so they will have to be in my June FFO post.

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Two Little Finishes and My New Focus Project


I got my 2 little WIPS dones last week, they were quickies!

Here is the Christmas Ornament from GPA. This was so enjoyable to stitch with luscious silks! It would work for any number of color combinations. I like designs like that, those that can really show off the threads. I am thinking a rich purple or red would be equally lovely. Hmm…

And here is the “Out on a Limb” pin cushion from Chessie and Me. I just love that little bird nest! It is actually quite secure even though it is just a couched coil of thread!

Both of these have very straightforward finishing techniques so look to see them again soon.

On Mother’s Day I went back to my birthday stitch, Rosewood Manor’s Autumn Quakers. Oh my, it is drawing me in and will be my May stitch I do believe.

After letting it sit a bit over April, I decided to change a couple of the colors I had originally chosen. Once stitched with only one strand, the orange and purple just weren’t rich enough. Another stash dive produced substitutes with which I am VERY happy. If there wasn’t so much green on there already, I would have picked something a little less bright and a little more olive. But this doesn’t bother me as much as the others did. Foward ho!