Something New


It’s been sitting there, all kitted, for several years. Then I put it on the frame this summer where it sat for several months. I went to start it and couldn’t consistently count to 34 to find the edge. So…then I decided I really needed to use some of that red marking string, the stuff like fishing line, because this was too big to mess up. At last, I’m off on what I consider will be my big project, one of two, for 2017!

I started with the 2nd band so I have a baseline for the pictorial elements above and below. That was a smart move and much easier than trying to center the star.

This lace is such an interesting thing to do and…I love silk!!!

In the meantime, I’m still finishing up some completed ornaments so they are ready for THIS Christmas! I’m so glad I did that friendship sampler as an A frame; I learned a lot to apply to finishing these ornaments!

Secret finish!


Well, in the background ever since I started the blog, I’ve been working on this sweet little friendship sampler by JBW Designs as a gift for a dear friend. Her birthday was a while ago and I had gotten the stitching done but it took some figuring to manage the finish. I knew what I wanted but as I have never done something like this before, I didn’t know how to get there. At last! I did it! Unfortunately I didn’t do a step by step of the finish process to help anyone out, much less help me remember what I did! I’ll try to describe it.

Making a tabletop a-frame picture:

  1. Cut mounting board allowing 1/2″ margin for design. You need 4.
  2. Cut 3 fabric pieces and trim design. 2 fabric pieces for back panel  and one for reverse of design part. A 1″ margin was plenty.
  3. Cut batting 1/2″ smaller than boards for each board-need 4.
  4. Worked best to put batting and fabric on smooth side of board, mitre corners, (a few stitches helped  for the tricky corners) then use adhesive on “inside” parts to hold down the edges and stick the 2 boards together.
  5. Don’t forget to put a ribbon in the center base of each card to brace the bottom! Use glue for this.
  6. BUT!!! Glue was too messy and ineffective to use for whole border! Don’t use glue! Much better to ladder stitch the edges together for a nice finish.
  7. Stitch top panels together along edge and add bow.

Here is the progress, and finish! I’m quite happy with it!

Feeling Productive!


Lounging Hare has proved to be a great motivator this week-I can’t wait to really get into it. So, I have FINALLY finished For the Birds! Ta Da! I really like it! I plan to frame it up myself.  I need to find a frame with a 7 1/2″ square opening. Not likely, right? I will have to order one.

Next is God Bless the Moon. Is it finished? Yes…except I still want a silver star charm for the moon. I should order it right away to check this off the list! I LOVE how Glowing Embers worked out. The colors in the whole thing are great. I can’t wait to find another project to really showcase Embers though. It deserves it!

Over the last week, and with Christmas breathing down my neck, I spent little scraps of time getting all those Mill Hill ornaments finished up with felt backing and hangers. Is there a better way to finish these? Maybe, but this is how my grandma did it and I like them with the felt and gold cord. I don’t think I will ever really tire of Mill Hill ornaments. They are always just so cute and sparkly. But if I do make all the ones I have, I will have to dedicate one tree just to them!

Group Shot 2016 Mill Hill finishes!!!!

Finally, I ordered new buttons for Wishes Do To Heaven Aspire. I really dragged my feet on that, but I did it, they are perfect, and after finishing up this little pillow I can put away my sewing machine for awhile!