Wow, I am amazed at the quick progress on For the Birds! I put finishing touches on extant birds on Monday, Kitty in the Corner yesterday, and, got the crows and charms in by the end of the week! I will do the alphabet border over the next week. It has a few more birds in the border to keep it interesting.

In the meantime, I must mention my first foray into the blogging community is a try to win the October giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I am hoping for the Hearthside collection-autumnal colors for the season, also fairly bright, and I have a secret plan for them! 🙂 Fingers crossed!

Snatching Stitches


Drawn Thread’s For the Birds

On a busy weekend, the best I can hope for my stitching is to grab what time I can here and there. The result of that this weekend is the addition of a bunch of the birds to the Drawn Thread piece.  The photo on the chart is so tiny, it is hard to appreciate how cute this thing is. It’s neat to see it come together. And I had thought, when making up the kit, that the colors were pretty dull (But you realize, I really love Just Nan and those colors are BRIGHT) but now that they are ON there, I think CZ is really a master of color. It’s so subtle and pretty and well chosen. Anyway, here’s what I could do with a handful of 15 min sessions this weekend.

2 Last Summer Projects and 2 New Starts


Here we are at the end of summer with my last finishes! First up is Ding Dong Merrily on High by Little House Needleworks. I cut it pretty close on this one to use up the remnant from You are My Sunshine-really pretty fabric. And anyway, it will be an ornament. Little House makes such cute things.

And for the grand finale, Wishes Do to Heaven Aspire by Lindsay Lane Designs:

It is gorgeous in person and this is a terrible picture.  Plus, it is supposed to have mother of pearl heart buttons on either side of the date but one of the buttons that came in my kit is flawed. I am looking for a good replacement before I finish it off into a little pillow.

Now I have 2 little things going, God Bless by Sisters and Best Friends and For the Birds by The Drawn Thread.

In God Bless, I have changed all the colors. I usually follow the designer’s recommendations religiously! But not this time! And I am so glad, it all looks so fine together. I am using Watercolors Silk Glowing Embers for the stars and name and it is about the most gorgeous thing I have ever used.  It makes me want to stitch everything from now on in Glowing Embers. This little piece is so nice, I think I will make it again with the verse only and no name and make a little round thing with it. I think it would lend itself to that quite well. But for the current project, I think it needs a silver star charm to hang off that moon (that’s why the dark thread behind, so I have something to tie that star on with). I am on the hunt.

Sadly the picture does not adequately show off the colors! The moon is Auntie Dee, a rich navy, purple-y midnight blue. The verse is Dungarees, really a true cornflower. And Glowing Embers is a jewel tone rainbow.  Now I just need the “James” after Daniel and birth info. Then the silver star and done!

Lastly, here is the little center tree in For the Birds: It will be another fun piece.