New Year, New Starts


I’m diving right in to a new batch of smalls! First of all, I wanted to make the Mill Hill violin which is the last in the Holiday Harmony series.

Next, for the Christmas ornies SAL the theme for January is Partridge in a Pear Tree or Deck the Halls. I made a partridge last year so I’m going with Deck the Halls. Here is Boughs of Holly from the Victoria Sampler’s learning collection:

(I am supposed to be learning French Knots) (I haven’t put them on yet)

This is a really quick stitch! If I had realized that, I would have started this series earlier!

2017 Summary Part 2: WIPs


My WIPs leftover from last year are all my big projects, which to be honest, I hadn’t worked on in months. However when I got them out, I could not resist starting in on them; they are now “active” again. Here’s where I’m at:

Random Thoughts by The Drawn Thread, maybe 1/3-1/2 complete:

Ohhh I do still love this one! When I got back into it this week I discovered unfortunately I am off by one thread, only half a stitch! around the verse and a full stitch by the blue bow, which, since I counted from these elements, has bumped everything over from where it should be. Argh! But the wonderful thing about this sampler is I’m certain I can work with it. I frogged and redid one motif (the square on the left) so my edges will line up. The rest I will live with! Funny how we only notice some things when we’ve laid a project aside for a while and approached it later with fresh eyes.

Next is the Joyful World SAL by Snowflower Diaries: also about 1/2 done, not including the border.

It is horribly wrinkled due to being in the grime guard but it’s going right back so no sense in ironing it!! I was planning to attack the borders during the months I’ve already completed, but no, I’m going to save the border for the end because I’ll need 2-3 skeins in the same dye lot of several colors so I need to buy the new skeins together…better for now to stick with what I’ve got. So…continuing with October!

Finally, here’s Heirloom Nativity by Victoria Sampler, not quite half done:

I worked on the Kings this week leading up to Epiphany. That’s kind of nice. I like to race through the pictorial parts to get back to the bands which are the most fun.

I also have a couple shamefully neglected little projects, we’ll say they’re on hold for now…I do plan to work on them this year but they are not active on my radar. Hmmm….

For new starts, I’ve got a (large) handful of smalls/mediums set aside to start this year as well as 2 bigger things I’d like to do. The first of those which I started this week is the birth sampler for Baby. I’m making Just Nan’s Baby Celebration. I made Baby Garden for another of my Babies:

and was thrilled to have another girl so I could make this one! I’m starting at the bottom this time. That blob will be a bunny.

So this turned into quite a chatty post so thanks for reading it and also supporting me in your comments! I am so honored anyone reads my blog and will comment on it!! Happy New Year! May it be full of peace and grace for you!

2017 Summary Part 1: Finishes!


Happy New Year!!!

I feel like I should really take stock of my finishes for 2017 in one post to get a sense of what I really got done. I finished many smalls and many ornaments, thanks mostly to the smalls/ornaments SALs I’ve participated in!

Here are my pin cushions:

The two on the top left were stitched in 2016 but fully finished this year (that’s cheating but I like to see them together).

I also made these other miscellaneous smalls; I’m still pondering the finishes…

Here are my (slightly) larger finishes, waiting to be framed or whatever:

Here are all the Mill Hill ornaments:

(Closeup of the last one fully finished, the drum:

And here are my other ornaments:

Not including this Santa which has gone AWOL in the Christmas hubbub, hopefully not forever!

And, not forgetting these which were gifted before I took the group photo:

That’s 21 ornaments this year!

I had an idea. I bought some little 2017 charms to put on things, especially the ornaments. If I go on making so many, and heaven knows I have enough charts and materials, it will be nice to see which ones were made in which years.

Next time I will show you my WIPs which will continue in 2018.