What now?


I was having a little trouble deciding what to do after The Pink Sparrow. I have way too many projects started at the moment. While I long to get into another one of the bigger ones, I feel like I need to tick a few more off the WIP list first.

Of course it doesn’t help that I started a few more near the end of April-a couple of those smalls I kitted up. Here they are…coming along…they are easy to do while sitting and helping with school, or monitoring swimming or Zoom sessions.

Way months ago, when the big news was the wildfires in Australia (but who (except probably those directly affected) remembers THAT anymore??) I started Jane Marshall, the fundraiser chart from Hands Across the Sea to help with fighting those fires. I’ve put more stitches in her recently. I am not happy with the alphabet color on my linen. It is too light. This is the second color of “very light shell pink” I’ve tried. I think I will try one more time to get something rosier-perhaps just “light shell pink.”

Then, last weekend, I finally felt that yes, I was ready to make a new start on something. This is Satin and Silk Reticule from Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands. I believe this is a retired class project for which I was able to get just the chart. It took a little bit to assemble the materials-not just silk floss and banding the right color and size, but a book of fancy monograms for my initials on the flap. I still need to hunt down some beads, but those are a last step. I hope I can find a pretty cloisonne bead for the closure.

I’m glad I started this one. It is very beautiful and not too hard-or too big. The 27 ct linen feels like burlap after my other projects all on 36 ct! That’s not so great! But it is going along quickly, and it will give a lot of impact for the time I spend on it this month. I really enjoyed the bargello section here at the beginning.

The Pink Sparrow is Finished


Yay! It is all finished! What a nice way to end the month and start May!

You will notice something different if you’ve seen other Pink Sparrows. I did not care for the dogs. I was sure I had seen someone, somewhere replace the dogs with cats. I could not for the life of me find a picture of it. Maybe it was on a different project. Anyway, I decided to do that too. I made calico cats using the same colors as the dogs. It was not as straightfoward as I hoped to get those cats on there, but I did it, and now it is done! I can’t wait to frame it up as soon as I am able to get out and select a frame from a “non essential business”…or maybe I will foray into online frame ordering!

WIPS again


I’ve had so much trouble with this post that I’ve just scrapped it and rewritten it. Ugh. Anyway, here’s what I have been up to this past week:

The Pink Sparrow (I can see a finish very soon! Maybe this week!)

Foxy (Just look at that sparkly white tail! That was the most fun part of this project as I anticipated it would be!)

New Small: GPA’s 2016 Ornament stitched with Gloriana silks Old Gold and India Ink. I will call this one my “Purdue-Army Ornament” because Black and Gold are Purdue’s and West Point’s colors, and my husband and his sister are Purdue grads and my dad is a West Point grad! And then I think I’ll stitch it again in other, more Christmas-y colors because I really like the design!

New Small: Chessie and Me Out in a Limb pin cushion. I love this sweet kitty. I’m stitching with the charted colors on R&R Liberty Gray. It’s a really pretty gray.

All this stitching has been very enjoyable. In addition to stitching, I have been happy about these things:

I got a cactus for my birthday last month. It was an impulse buy at Lowes (a big hardware store) because the bloom color was so gorgeous. Well, it bloomed a show for me this weekend which I just had to share with all the world. Look at that bouquet! I’d rather have this than a dozen roses for my birthday!

For those curious about plants, I will tell you about it. This is a Torch Cactus which is Trichocereus. I think the hybrid is Sunset. It is about 18″ high, and that is about half it’s mature height. The blooms are an impressive 6-8″ across! It will bloom like this a few times through the spring each year and each bloom show only is in full glory one day, followed by a more faded day, and then it all shrinks and shrivels up, so the bloom is quite special. I am still looking for the perfect place in the yard for it!

Our family enjoys puzzles. I got several new ones. The kids and I plow through each in about 1-2 days. They are like little potato chip eaters with puzzles-they just can’t stop once they get started! Here are some of the puzzles we have done:

The one on the left is a Pomegranate puzzle by Charley Harper and the one of the eggs is a vintage Springbok puzzle

It is hitting 100 degrees now (that’s 38 C) Is that bad? Well, not for the kids because now it is hot enough to go swimming! Yay swimming! It is fun! It is a great bribe! It tuckers everyone out! It means everyone gets clean! Win, win, win, win!

I hope you all find something to be happy about this week! Have a good one!