Two little finishes and Three little starts


I just love smalls. It is so satisfying to finish something!

Here is what I got done last week:

A pair of Mill Hill skates for Daughter #1

(I will make it again right away for Daughter #2 but in purple)

And the Threadwork Primitives Quaker Birds Pinwheel:

I bought the backing fabric this week too.

I love it when there is something perfect that will work in the first store I try. Now to fully finish them…

Keeping up the momentum, I started these:

Mill Hill’s Baseball Glove for Son #1

Bent Creek’s Tiny Nativity which is for the Ornies SAL:

And also for that SAL, Abby Rose’s Xmas in My Heart: 

Can you tell which I’ve found the most inspiring!?

I have not put in even one stitch on the various other projects I am midway through. I am the distracted stitcher. But if you can’t follow your whims in your happy hobby, when can you?
I picked up 2 frames for other things, some floss and fabric towards other projects that wait in the wings, and the purple star that will go on that 2nd pair of ice skates. I’m making the most of every moment until my Big Interruption! 🙂



September Smalls


Well, it is very frustrating to have followed all the instructions and gone through a lot of effort to get it right and then things just don’t work out! I ordered the specified box from Hobby Lobby for Spring Arose and my piece is TOO BIG to fit on it. I double checked. It’s the correct box. It’s the correct fabric count. I don’t know what went wrong. I’m not going to compromise the finish. So now I have to find a bigger box. So, my Small finish was SUPPOSED to be an FFO of Spring Arose, but instead you just get to see the finished stitching again. You don’t mind, right? It’s nice stitching! And this is a better picture than my other one.

However, I do have something new finished for you: August for Joyful World! I didn’t want to use so much white for all the flowers and butterflies so I didn’t. I like it this way. Nice and cool for a hot month.

I am doing something brave with the next 2 months. I am swapping them.Here is what I will be dealing with:

To me, the barn owls belong in October and the hedgehog belongs in September. My 5th grade teacher loved hedgehogs so I want the hedgehog in the “school” month, and I am going to attempt to turn the apple by the owls into a pumpkin for October. Plus, I think the leaves with the owls look more autumnal than the the hedgehog’s flowers so I’d like that scene more situated right in the fall. The main tricky thing with my plan, which I believe is definitely workable, is figuring out how to swap the month words because there is not really enough space on the hedgehog one to write September unless I move the flowers over. Hmmmm….Anyway, I am tackling the owls in October first and there is plenty of space to put “October” so I don’t have to worry about recharting September for a while. Here is the slow start on the border:

I couldn’t resist. I started a couple new things even though my plan to was to work on the big WIPs. Here they are: the Mill Hill Ice Skates ornament,

and a Threadwork Primitives pinkeep.

I didn’t have the called-for colors for this one but hopefully my substitutions will look fine anyway. I have been amassing a nice big floss collection and I just can’t justify not using it!

A quick update


Here is how August is shaping up for Joyful World. I am very happy with it! I swapped some colors around and am working on my lazy daisies! Do I have a finish this week? We’ll see!