Three Sports Ornaments


I just completed the second ice skates ornament this morning so now I have the 3 sports ornaments finished for my kids’ Christmas this year! I am happy with the color on the pink skates too, and it’s good to have them slightly different to tell apart whose is whose.

Here is the pink one all by itself:

And you can see I buckled down and got the baseball glove done too! It was a harder one of the Mill Hill kits to count-lots of shading. But it is very cute!

These will all be backed with felt and get a ribbon hanger. They will make good memories for their sports activities this year!

Pretty little things


I have 2 things to show you for the Smalls SAL this month!

My thread came in so I finished up Tiny Nativity: 

Then…I made the Big Mistake I knew well to avoid. However I have not make this mistake before so I thought I could get away with it. I sprayed it a smidgen to iron and the colors bled. Boo Hoo! And worse, the beads…melted? crinkled? Anyway, they are not the same. But I am not going to worry about these things! They way I plan to finish it you won’t see the bleeding. And overall, it is too tiny to notice any problems, and it will be hanging on the Christmas tree with the Christmas lights and no one will know but me! And you!

And I ALSO finished the Spring Pyn Pillow this week! 

I just loved every bit of working on this…the border was slightly tedious, but then I am not a big fan of stitching borders for that reason. But it is just SO pretty, and I enjoyed the 1 over 2 on the 40 ct AND I found the perfect backing material! Voila!

Now I have to wait for my trim. The silly thing is I just ordered trim for something else from Dames of the Needle and failed to notice that I ALSO needed this trim, so I could have had it right now, and but to avoid paying shipping a second time in 2 weeks I ordered from LNS. Fine. It will get here when it gets here, and then I REALLY need to have a end of year finishing party.


On being irresponsible


I finished X-Mas in my Heart!

And I am just waiting for “honeycomb” from my LNS to finish the border of Tiny Nativity: It’s so cute-just 1 1/2″ square! I want to find the mini-est frame for it.

Now to FFO…

I have lots of things on my to-do list so of course I started something new:

It is Spring Pyn Pillow by Milady’s Needle. I have loved it since I first saw it. It is on 40 ct which is not what I am used to, but I have a really nice piece of linen (vintage light examplar from Lakeside) and it is going well. And really it’s not so bad to start it as it was part of my big Christmas gift last year (a whole wish list of patterns fulfilled from Stitching Bits and Bobs!) and I owe it to the gift-giver to get a couple of these lovelies done!

I picked the beads and DMC for the ice skates-they will be more pink than purple after all. That is fine, it is a rose color and Daughter #2’s middle name is Rose. Maybe I’ll start that this week too, and keep that baseball mitt on hold a while..