A Finish, a new WIP, and Orange Silk


Today I finished the stitching on Oakley Owlet.

I will get it finished up into an owl shape in the next day or so. I have done one of these owls before and it is not too hard.

So, I started another Just Nan small, this is the needlebook called Lady Scarlet’s Secret Garden.

It is the piece that goes in the enamel lady bug trinket box, part of a series of fancy kits Just Nan had many years ago. I felt super lucky when I was able to snag this kit secondhand for a decent price. The stitching is very minimal so I hope to have it done to show for my small next Friday!

Finally, my orange thread came! There is a clear winner:

I wasn’t going to mess around this time. I got the called for Valdani cotton that I’m trying to match (in the ball) to compare against the silks. I am going with the second from the top, Thread Gather’s Glowing Embers. Choice 1 is too dull, choice 3 is obviously too dark and choice 4 is just…wrong altogether. All these looked almost identical on my screen so it’s very good to have bought them to see in real life and not take a chance. I was actually pretty sure #3 would be the best choice based on the screen! And I thought #2 (Glowing Embers) would be too much-too orange, not enough variation. I feel sure 1 and 3 will be useful in other projects. For #4…well, maybe I’ll stitch a big melon someday! (it’s not bad, just bad for this project!)

October Stitching Update 2


I’m very close on Oakley Owlet thanks to a return to weekend baseball tournaments. They are limiting fans so we are livestreaming my #1 son’s games from home. Convenient!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_4158-scaled.jpg

Can you tell I’ve made progress on Autumn Quakers since last week? I can. But then when I pull it out of the hoop and look at the big picture, I feel like there is so much left to do!

Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with how quickly this is coming along. I’m almost to the bottom. There are a few small flower/acorn things below the lowest bit I’ve done and that’s the bottom edge. I think I’m going to try to finish it this year! I’m waiting on an order than has, I think, 5 different oranges in it. I felt like if I didn’t have the right orange in my stash I really need to build up my orange section so I don’t feel a mite guilty!

October Stitching Update


Over fall break, I only got a little bit of stitching done on Oakley Owlet. I just could not stitch in the car on the windy roads we were on, and after all the hiking each day, I was too tired to stay up and stitch! So here is my tiny little start:

Once home I was eager to get back to Autumn Quakers. I’ve made a bit of progress, starting many motifs and finishing none! You know though, it will be satisfying to fill in the missing bits and have a bunch of motifs come to a finish all at once.

My main issue with this project is one color-the light orange.

The color I started using for this symbol turned out to have too much mauve in the variation-it is more pinkish than orange even though when it’s piled up there is looks to be a good choice. The second orange that I chose is too light and bright-in person especially it sticks out like a sore thumb. You can really tell in the bouquet where it is supposed to be a subtle shift of rusty orange to dark red. I just don’t think the super light orange goes very well with the richness of the other colors. I’ve hunted through my stash twice and come up empty-I just don’t have a lot of oranges! So, I think I’m going to have to go shopping!

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