Toccata 1: Two days and 14 motifs

I have a new start! I couldn’t even wait for New Year’s. I started it on Saturday night, the 28th. It’s Toccata 1 from The Drawn Thread.

One reason I love The Drawn Thread is because of all the fun specialty stitches that are included, in just the right amount. Projects from DT are true samplers. Toccata 1 is an excellent example! Each border and block motif features different stitches:

There are 88 separate motifs in this whole project: Borders, Letters/Numbers, and Blocks (between the letters). So far I have completed almost 14!

I am missing 2 of the threads so that will slow me down! I aim to do a few more motifs each day and maybe it will be my first finish of 2020!

9 thoughts on “Toccata 1: Two days and 14 motifs

  1. I’ve done one of these with a group of local stitchers. Not my taste but sure fun to learn all the specialty stitches. Good luck with yours.

  2. Thank you Mary, for hosting the Small’s SAL for 2019! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful stitching this year, and of course admiring all the other contributions for the monthly Smalls SAL too. ☺️
    I too love the drawn thread and I’m sure this project will turn out lovely from your hands!
    I wish you the best of stitching 2020!
    With kind regards from Sweden,

  3. What a lovely new start for you, and so much progress already. I have a feeling you won’t be putting this one down until the last thread has been fastened off! 🙂

  4. I love this design! I shall really enjoy following your progress with each stitch,
    As a side thought – it’s going to be easy to stitch the year on Samplers this year! 2020. Half the usual charting!

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