February 2020 Smalls Check In

Welcome to the February 2020 Smalls SAL Check In! I got quite a bit of Smalls stitching in this month. I already showed off a couple Mill Hill ornaments and even squeezed in one more Snow Crystal! This one is Sapphire Snow Crystal. These snow crystals are super quick to stitch and very effective with the sparkly beads.

Now I have made 5, one for each of my kids. There is one more in the series but it is gold. I’m not sure I like a gold crystal so if I make that one I will see about changing the colors.

If the Mill Hill snow crystals are quick, my next small was a lightening fast stitch. This is “Rhodes Hearts” from The Victoria Sampler Learning Collection, kit 3-3.

Isn’t it sweet? I love these Learning Collection kits. Even if I already know the stitch as in this case, they are such nice little designs. This took me only about 3 hours to stitch on Monday this week. I had 2 hours at the new indoor trampoline park where I took my little kids to the “leap week” play time and then finished it up that night while listening to the last hour of Tom Sawyer (read by Nick Offerman on Audible). I had never read Tom Sawyer and my, that was a good, entertaining story. And Nick Offerman’s narration was about perfect. He has that great dry sense of humor and Midwestern accent that is very complimentary to Mark Twain’s writing. Well, enough about that, here’s some more stitching…

This was a little secret stitch for the Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop, hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. If you participated , you maybe already saw my piece on Vickie’s blog, A Stitcher’s Story. This is the “Love” scissor tag from The Drawn Thread. I picked my own colors and like how it came out even if the corners are a little wonky. (That is because the card inside was a tad too big once I stitched it together, but it was too late to fix it once I noticed how bad it was so I will live with wonky corners). I finished it as a little ornament instead of as a fob, which I hope will be the first of several to make myself a little Valentine’s Day Tree.

I hope you also had a productive month! Please join in and share below!

12 thoughts on “February 2020 Smalls Check In

  1. Oh my word, did you get a lot of stitching in!!! The Mill hill snowflakes are so pretty. They don’t look like a quick stitch to me!! Love your sweetheart and the Drawn Thread stitch is so pretty. How did you finish the edging on that? Did you stitch the pieces together?

  2. Those Mill Hill snowflakes are gorgeous! The heart is wonderful! And of course I recognize the Drawn Thread Love piece that was featured on my blog!! 🙂

  3. I love your Mill Hill Snowflake finishes. The Drawn Thread “Love” is such a pretty finish as well as the learning piece.

  4. The Snow Crystals are so pretty, especially on display together. Love your other two stitches, as well. So glad that you enjoyed Tom Sawyer – such a fun read. I hope that you are planning to listen to Huckleberry Finn next – a much deeper and darker novel but such an important one in American literature. Thanks for hosting the Smalls SAL again this month.

  5. Very pretty small this month. Having stitched 5 of the Snow Crystals you can’t leave out the final one. Maybe the gold could represent you as mother of all the silver crystals? 🙂

  6. The Snowflakes look lovely as a collection. I would convert the gold one using the leftover beads from the others!
    The Heart is beautiful too and a very quick stitch. Worth bearing in mind for next year’s Valentine Hop!
    Thanks for taking part in that too, it was fun.

  7. All of your smalls are very pretty. The Rhodes Heart and Love are gorgeous and I love the Snowflakes ornaments for your children!

  8. I love all the snowflakes, especially with the different backings they have. I prefer silver and/or clear over gold too.
    Rhodes Hearts is lovely, very delicate looking.
    Your Love finish is so sweet, I like how you did you initials on the back.

    1. THank you! I can’t take credit for the alphabet for the initials-it was included in the chart and it’s really cute with a heart on several of the letters.

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