More Summer Finishes

Continuing from yesterday here are a few more things finished up this summer:

All My Love by Sisters and Best Friends

I made this for our 15th wedding anniversary. It was quick but had a trick for me-there are 2 different red beads used-very similar-and I ran out of one kind about ¾ of the way through so I had to hunt around to find a good match. These little setbacks always seem to take me so long to resolve-they seem insurmountable! But there they were, the perfect bead match,  at JoAnns! Hooray! Then off to the framer. She always does a marvelous job. I am so pleased with it.  He likes it too. It was a good surprise…in August..2 months after our anniversary.

You are my Sunshine by Cathy Jean of The Victoria Sampler

Ahh, I have had this FOREVER. How long? It was supposed to be #1’s baby piece but he is almost 9 now (and does not like it  for his big boy room) so there it is, I’ve had it, at least 8 years, probably closer to 9. I still like it so now it is for me. I have wondered, what will I do with the boys’ needleworks when they are too big and manly to want them on their walls? I hope by that point I will have my own space in the house and I will put them there to remember my babies. I am not so concerned about the girls because theirs stand alone as beautiful pieces for their walls even if they are baby records. I will show you them later. In any case, you are probably wondering how it is that the girls both had beautiful, involved pieces made and framed even before I started #1’s. I don’t know! What was my hesitation? (I hem and haw a lot). Maybe because of the silk. I had not used silk before-just the little bit on Bee Blossoms, and you know what happened with that!- but oh my, how wonderful it is to make rows and rows of crosses with silk. I just loved it. There is a lot more silk in my future!

Finishing stitching Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden by Cherished Stitches-Lovely lovely. So fun. A good learning experience with attaching the chenille. To finish I made a little muslin bag just a hair smaller than the pillow which I stuck inside, and filled with lavender scented walnut shells. The scent is mostly worn off now-it wore off really quickly! but it has a nice heft. I will use this finishing technique again. The chenille was easy once I figured out a method to attach it. It is really a great little piece. Very satisfying.

Finished Autumn Garden

I followed the Autumn Garden up with Summer Gathering by Cherished Stitches-Also lovely. I had to make a summer one right away so the seasons I had made would be correct for the years on them you know, since I plan to do the winter one this winter. However I do not care as much for the recommended finish. All the other pillows in this set have a backing material and a chenille trim and I prefer them more alike. For this I actually would like a burgundy pom pom trim to finish the edge of the pillow, made with the provided fabric, and forgo the buttons and burlap trim. I think the pom poms will set off the red flowers/berries well. Now. To find pom poms in burgundy. There is so much RED available!

Finished unfinished Summer Gathering

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