Secret Little Starts

I am going to confess a little habit I have. I sometimes, on a whim, steal a few minutes of what is not my official stitching time (meaning maybe I was in the middle of folding laundry or tidying something up) to put the first few stitches in a new project. Then I put it away, get distracted, and because it isn’t in my basket, will simply forget I did that. When I was doing my big clean up last weekend I came across several such little orphans. I am going to adopt them all officially and get them into rotation. Let me introduce you to these little ones:

“Pensee Sauvage” (Wild Pansy) from Samplers Not Forgotten. It is a kit. I think this will be a quick stitch. The border is a checkerboard which will make easy pool stitching!

Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden Pin Keep. I think this is a rose? It looks like a rose. The petals are all filled in with one color so after I get the outline done this piece should all be quick and easy too. It is finished as an oval. I can’t remember if it is a pin disc or a needlebook. I am going to do it as a pin disc anyway as I really like that style of finish.

Just Nan’s Lady Scarlett’s Secret Garden. Truly a very small start! 6 stitches! I remember I was sorting things out on my floor, came across it and as I had all my DMCs out so I pulled what I needed and just for fun put in the first stitches. Then I promptly put it away and forgot all about it! Well, like most of these Just Nan smalls, it has a million colors but is so tiny it shouldn’t take too long. This is the little needlebook that fits into the Just Nan ladybug trinket box. It is so so sweet.

I didn’t even consider this before but wow, they are all unmitigated florals aren’t they? I guess I know what I like to stitch! I wonder I can finish 2 of these in September? That would be great.

6 thoughts on “Secret Little Starts

  1. Typically when I start a small project, I stitch it until finished or get rid of it, but I’m sure it’s nice to find some quick to finish ones already started that don’t require locating floss and fabric. They’re all nice florals, too.

  2. What a gift to find some pretty little stitches that have already been worked on. I know they will be beautiful when finished. I really love that first stitch Mary. I think the checkerboard border will be perfect with such a pretty flower. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  3. All pretty florals but like RJ, I’m drawn to the first one. I’m quite sure you will accomplish them all being completed.

  4. Three lovely new florals! Sometimes it is nice to sneak a new little start in.
    Do you have the ladybird box for the Just Nan design?

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