I have a story for you about a triumph of materials hunting. When I saw this chart of Giulia Punti Antichi “Flowers and Lace,” I had to have it. I thought it was SO lovely. But it was older and there were no finishing kits anywhere. Oh well, I still liked it. I didn’t stitch it right away because I was a bit at a loss about the materials-I didn’t know how to get the called for Valdani silks. I didn’t feel like ordering them. This year I said, forget it. I am doing well converting colors and I have plenty to chose from, so I’ll just use what I’ve got.

I ended up stitching with Belle Soie Mer Bleu and Gloriana Cranberry on flax linen. I think it looks great! I finished the stitching in April but the question remained… what will I DO with it? I really really love the finish on the chart!

I tried to find some lace with a similarly bead-y, scroll-y, floral design. I tell you I hunted EVERYWHERE. Everywhere I shopped I kept my eyes open for a good substitute. All the big box craft stores. All the Etsy lace shops. Other specialty lace shops. Nada. I decided I was going to be compromising so I got a roll of the right size and “feel” of lace at Hobby Lobby. I got some velveteen too, to back it. I set it all aside for inspiration (and courage) to strike.

Then a few weeks later, I was on the hunt for something else: the current issue of Inspirations Magazine which had sold out in a hurry and The Attic hadn’t gotten in their order. I loved a few of the designs in this issue (especially that pomegranate! Oh my!) so a-hunting I went and I finally found it at a quilting shop, Quilter’s Fancy in Ohio. Hurrah! The shop specializes in art quilts and crazy quilting had an interesting website with lots and lots of trims, beads, charms (like the kind Just Nan uses), and…LACE! And guess what? (You can guess, right?) THEY HAD THE EXACT CORRECT LACE AND IT WAS ON SALE. I just about squealed. I could not believe it. So I got my magazine, I got my lace, I got a few darling enameled charms, and I even got some hand dyed velvet rick rack (I don’t know what I’ll use it for but it’s pretty).

You would think I would be satisfied with this. And I was! But I also really liked the rose pins embellishing the pillow. How would I find those? My hunt was fruitless. I decided I’d just have to make some. I got some rose shaped beads and some other beads to fancy up my pins.

(Surely I can make something pretty from these even if I don’t use them on this project!)

This would be ok. But I couldn’t find any longish straight pins. And even if I did, I didn’t know how to attach the beads onto a pin head. I got tired of this hunt. Then I was at the Attic last month…at my “shopping appointment.” You remember? And of course I didn’t just run in and get the floss I “needed” but I went poking around into all the corners of the store and stumbled upon nearly identical rose pins! BUT PINK! From Puntini Puntini!

Well, I bought them even though they were pink because they were so darn cute. I thought, I could paint them. But I also thought, now I know WHO makes rose pins. I renewed the hunt. I found some on eBay. They were sold out! Ugh. So I wrote to Paola of Puntini Puntini just to see. Now she is in Italy but she wrote right back! She DID have some RED ROSE PINS!

She would sell them to me! OH was I delighted! So here are my rose pins in my pillow and it is just perfect and I love it.

By the way, I didn’t end up using the velveteen (or the lace, or the rose beads, or the pink pins, so this is been an expensive experiment!) The velveteen was way too plushy to sew. When I started sewing it it slid all over the place and was a mess. And ultimately I thought it look chintzy. So I went into the stash (for the first time since I’d picked the threads, evidently!) and I found this blue fabric from the May Morris Studio line from Moda. It is the right color blue so I went with it. Plus I love this fabric and so I should use it on a project I love!

And so this adventure project ends. I am really pleased with it and with my victories throughout! It proves the adage that the journey is as sometimes as satisfying as the arriving at the destination!

8 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the perfect materials to finish a design! Those Rose pins are so pretty and are a lovely finishing touch for the pillow.
    And you have all those other embellishments to use for other projects,

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