Couching and Satin Stitch

All I’ve done lately is couching and satin stitch. Couching metal threads on my fancy butterflies:

Satin stitch on the bargello and anniversary piece:

I finished the black outlines on the Bargello. This is how big it is and how much filling I have to do! Wow! It will be a lot of work but it’s super relaxing and easy to work on! I messed up the count on the anniversary piece and had to take out an hour’s work so feel back at square one. Grrr. It is not always smooth sailing over here.

Also I lost the small I was working on for this month-the Mill Hill king. I can’t find it anywhere! I know it’s not lost for good but I just can’t seem to find where I left it! I have another small I may be able to finish for this Friday- a tiny bee fob. I think it’s a one night project but it’s body is all beads!

Wait and see if I have anything to show! If I don’t, I’ll put the link up for you more responsible stitchers anyway!!

2 thoughts on “Couching and Satin Stitch

  1. Wonderful work on the Bargello piece, what a lot of stitching involved and it is looking so pretty. I also like the Just Bee design which will be interesting to work on,

  2. No little xxx at all! The Bargello is going to be wonderful and your butterflies are gorgeous too.

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