Itty Bitty Small for May

The last Friday in May this year really snuck up, being on the 26th this month! Good thing I picked such a teeny tiny small! 🙂 So…here it is for my contribution to the Smalls SAL hosted over at Stitching Lotus (thanks, Heather!). 

I Love Strawberries by The Sweetheart Tree

It really is small at 2.5″ by 1.75.”

Now, I haven’t done any serious backstitching in a while and if you’ve ever stitched a Sweetheart Tree design, you know she just loves backstitching! So I was super glad this was so tiny-when I started I thought, this backstitching is going to take me as long as the cross stitches! But it was ok. 

My only annoyance is, I did not figure on the flower beads being so big and chunky on the 32 ct I used (she recommended 28 ct). I ordered some smaller flower beads that seem better but I’m not sure I want to redo it or if I’ll just do this quick stitch a second time.

Anyway my finishing plan is to frame it, because that’s how I saw it in the shop and I thought the mini framed piece was just charming.

I also just about finished up March and got a good start on April, like I planned for Joyful World. Woo!

(I need to decide on a fancy stitch for the water)

I changed the bunny from white to brown and I will change the squirrel to gray I think.

No work done on my big things, I will get to one or the other in June, but I expect to have a lot less stitching time this summer with the kids home from school and no car pick up line to wait in!

Here’s a PSA for good measure-Victoria Motto is hosting another great giveaway this month! Absolutely stunning colors!

4 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Small for May

  1. Your Strawberry design looks wonderful. I remember when I started stitching, it seemed everything had backstitching, now it seems not so much. Thank you for sharing

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