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I’ve always wondered if stitching about stitching is a little too self-referential. Of course the great artists painted themselves and others painting, and there is plenty of art that is simply about art so maybe I’m being too critical. And so many samplers have a verse or motto saying “my work” or referencing the needle so I guess there is a long tradition of needle workers acknowledging their craft, so it’s not out of place. I guess it’s just how I feel! Well, all that to say, I thought I hadn’t stitched many pieces that feature stitching. But it turns out I have done a couple !

First I’m glad to revisit this project which was a gift for a stitching friend, The Prim Lady Sewing Set from The Little Stitcher. This was a freebie and I found the link for you! I chose my own colors and this design is conducive to selecting your own favorites, to make the little lady look like you in your own favorite colors!

What I enjoyed most about this one, aside from the colors, is the satin stitching on the spools. Seeing this project again makes me want to stitch it again for myself, it came out so sweet!

I found I have another project with a stitcher in it. Random Thoughts from The Drawn Thread includes this little lady with her thread and scissors:

And despite my claim up above, I actually do have quite a few projects with sewing/stitching/needlework featured in my files:

These are from Jeanette Douglass (I love birds, what can I say!) And that box top. Wowee, is it pretty!

Here’s another from The Drawn Thread with two sewing ladies:

And Here is Queen of the Needle from Just Nan:

And my favorite has to be the Common Ground sampler from Just Nan. Oooh this should be a bucket list stitch. I am so moved by the verse:

For another similar project which I don’t have in my collection I thought of this one: Mothers to Daughters. Isn’t the verse sweet? I haven’t bought it because I guess I’m not convinced my own daughters will pick up the needle with enthusiasm but they’re still young so I’m not worried:

(From Mother to Daughter we pass down out Art, Stitched with the Needle, Designed with the Heart)

Well, I might have a few more stitches about stitching hiding around, but these are some highlights. I hope you enjoyed! For more sewing themed projects, head back to visit our hostess, Jo at Serendipitous Stitching!

3 thoughts on “The People Choose…

  1. So many gorgeous projects related to stitching!! I love the Jeannet Douglas stitches. The freebie I also stitched and gifted it as a pin cushion, it’s sweet. The sampler is just stunning!!

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love all the designs you have featured! Drawn Thread do such beautiful samplers. I suppose I could have added Follow The Needle to my post, if I had actually finished it!

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