October Smalls

For this month’s Smalls check in, I got 2 little things done. First, I finished off Christmas Fruit Basket by Threadwork Primitives, which I had started on vacation earlier this month. I stitched it with almost all the called for colors on some Zweigart that I dyed myself with coffee.

Some of my dye lots are quite different from those used in the model. I changed the green highlight on the letters to dark brown. I think it looks less weird. My green was quite bright and the tan letters were more tan than green. I should get more confident to just sub in colors to match rather than sticking to the called-for if it’s clearly a stretch! Anyway, I think it will be finished as a little pillow. I have so many pretty Christmas designs that are similar in this prim style and size that I think eventually a display of pillows will be necessary. I have 2 others stitched but not finished and I don’t even know how many are in the queue. I must think of where, during Christmas decorating time, I will have a place for a display of pillows! Maybe in a basket under the tree!

I also got the Yellow-Brown bird from La D Da finished up.

I really like the style of the designer’s initial in the model, LM. Unfortunately my initials are not LM. I made up my own fancy initial MH. What do you think? Does it look ok? I am more interested in having a little decorative something where the LM was than something that reads as initials. I hope I matched the style ok. I am not convinced but I’m not sure I want to come up with something else. I am ready to move on from Yellow Brown! I found some good trim so I’m also set to FFO this one.

What did you stitch this month? Did you go with a seasonably appropriate fall theme? Did you do something for everyday? Or did you got out of season? I can’t wait to visit you!

6 thoughts on “October Smalls

  1. I just love both of these!! I haven’t stitched a thing but did a final finish, so that is something!

  2. Very nice finishes, Mary! I stitched the yellow bird for a friend years ago, but don’t remember what I used for her initials. I like yours and I think they fit right in. Color changing is frustrating at times–I especially hate when the overdyed threads I receive via mail (I have no needlework shop within 1 1/2 hours of me 🙁 look NOTHING like the chart’s. Your Christmas design turned out great, though! Enjoy this last bit of October ♥

  3. Lovely choices and stitching! These will be beautiful as ffo:s, I’m syre!
    Love from Sweden,

  4. Lovely work on your yellow bird, the monogram initial looks great.
    I think you could guess what I’ve been working on this month!

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