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BEADS! Many thanks to Jo for hosting the People’s Choice Blog Hop! Oh man, I had no witches to show you last month, I don’t think I even have one pattern with witches on it! But beads I have in spades! I love designs that use some beads to add sparkle, dimension, and interest to the project. They just give a richness and make the final piece look really fancy and jewel-like.

An assortment of ornaments with beads. You can see how much beads add to these little projects!

First of all, and of course this feels like a recent post, doesn’t it, because I did just share a bunch of ornaments lately, I have all my many Mill Hill beaded ornaments! I took a fresh picture for you so you don’t have to see the same arrangement again!

And then of course there is Just Nan. Ms. Nan is so good about adding just enough beads to all of her projects. I really enjoy that.

The Victoria Sampler also sprinkle beads over their designs, both large and small…like the Biscornuments I showed very recently, and these much larger Heirloom projects. Fancy!

I love the subtle sparkle of the pearls and gold beads on these ones.

Finally for this post, I have 2 large biscornus with beads, one with a few which I added myself in the final construction (Tudor Berry by Erica Michaels which I finished as a biscornu) and one resplendent with many, many beads (Faby Reilly’s Snowflake biscornu)

I’m sure I have even more things with beads which I will think of after I post this! I’m sure I’ll have other opportunities to share them. For now, to see more lovely beads, head back to Jo’s to see the others’ work!

2 thoughts on “The People Choose…

  1. Oh, my! Your weren’t kidding when you said you had a lot of beaded projects, Mary–wow! They really do add a special touch although I’m not fond of working with them with these old eyes 🙂 I especially love seeing your collection of the Mill Hill beaded ornaments. Hope you and your family have a relaxing 4th of July weekend together ♥

  2. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. You do have some wonderful beaded projects. Your Mill Hill collection is particularly fabulous. Of course I love the Just Nan samplers too.

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