April 2023 Smalls Check In

I’m a little late today with creating the Smalls Check In! Sorry about that!

I’ve been enjoying slowly getting back to my stitching this month. There’s just so much fun stuff to work on, I’ve been in a sort of chaos-unfocused mode! But I did make a start on one of my favorite Nashville releases…Stacy’s Nash’s Birds of a Feather Pinkeep.

I have 2 of the 4 ovals done.

But the other 2 are my favorites and the reason I got this pattern! I will try make at least one of them for May.

I am already thinking of how to finish this project as a 4 panel fold up thing instead of using the 4 parts to make the cover and inside only. Imagine all 4 ovals in row with the little bows in between that you can fold up and each panel has marking for a different size needle. Hmmm.

If you managed to stitch any smalls to share this month, please link up below! Thank you for continuing to participate!

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