Another basket and even one more bird!

Last weekend I was camping with my 2 bigs kids and some friends. I needed a tiny project for down time. I selected Strawberry Liberty from Chessie and Me. Here is how it’s going.

Maybe it will be my June small. One of them. Because I had yet another bird to stitch! I had to make the last part of the Stacy Nash Birds of a Feather needle book. I’ve been working on that this week. Here it is so far…almost done!

The jury is still out on the finish. I love the oval shape, but I don’t really want to make a needlebook. I thought about making a 2 sided ornament, but then I have 2 stitched pieces left. 2 ornaments? That is silly, I should just make the needlebook then. Could I make a 4 sided ornament? It would be large! And what would I do with it? And it would take Figuring Out. I don’t feel like figuring anything out at the moment. Maybe the needlebook is the best option after all!

3 thoughts on “Another basket and even one more bird!

  1. Mary, how can I receive your blog? I am reading it through Stitching Dreams now, but I’d like to get it directly.

  2. Lovely work on those summery pieces! It’s difficult to decide how to finish some of these smalls. That’s why I just scrapbook them!

    1. Thanks Jo! I decided to make a pin oval of my favorite 2 sides of the Stacy Nash and just save the other 2 sides for something else. I do love your scrapbooks, you have a knack for finding coordinating papers!

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