End of August

*Note: I’m seeing I had several draft posts that never got published, mostly for lack of the pictures. I’ll put them up now as I can get them finished up, in the proper order I wrote them, so I can have an orderly account of the last months stitching thoughts!

Since we had several days at the end of August after the last Friday, and I had finished my small and was waiting for Sampler September, I went to work again on Mary Amelia’s Bird by Quaint Rose Needlearts.

I do love how this birdy is looking. That said, I am really discovering something about my stitching preferences. As much as I love photorealistic elements in vintage or antique projects (roses, birds…) stitching them is not my jam. The counting is picky work. There are no soothing patterns. You sometimes get an expanse of one color where you feel like more shading would be nice, and sometimes there is so much confetti that gives subtle shading you wonder what is the point. There are just my reflections. I don’t want to be whiny and I do truly love the finished project and will enjoy it. But getting there is not fun for me. I just hope I can remember them when I’m tempted by more charts like this one. It’s really hard to resist a beautiful picture even if it’s an annoying stitch!

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