A Detour. Oops.

Did you know there was an end of summer flood of new releases as part of an online event called Needlework Marketplace? It was just as full of wonderful designs as Nashville. There were 2 must-have charts for me. Well…probably more than 2 but 2 I bought the minute they came into the shop.

First was Autumn Splendor by With Thy Needle and Thread. I just LOVE the diamond orientation of this design. I stitched in the birdy right away. I love birdys.

Second was Clouds Over Vrieland by Ink Circles. I was so excited but this one too, I went right off and kitted it up with my own silk conversion from my stash. It’s a great pattern for that. I had a PERFECT linen, also in my stash (I guess I have a pretty big stash!) It is Autumn Blush from Silkweaver in 40 count. I even had a nice new empty project bag to put it in. And THEN, I went ahead and put the first 20 stitches on it.

I am very bad.

Now you are going to say, “Mary! This is Sampler September! There is NO justification for this start!” And “MARY! aren’t you doing some kind of “Year of the Finish” which you JUST told us about?” And finally for those faithful readers who keep track, “Mary, don’t you have 2 Ink Circles projects going right now?” (Ummm…. Yes. Yes, I do.) I’m going to say, SHhh Shhhh SHHH! I had momentum! I wanted to seize the day! And it is so perfectly irresistible! Please just DON’T TELL THE “Year of the Finish” Mary or “Sampler September” Mary. And if you do see those Marys, tell them that I am taking my Naughty November early this year. Ok. Back to work.

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