Autumn Splendor

I have a finish! It’s Autumn Splendor by With Thy Needle and Thread. This design was another coup de coeur for me, I had to buy it and stitch it right away, and I loved every moment. I believe I actually used a 32 count natural linen which was a very easy thing to stitch on and it was just a very nice combo of the 2 Weeks Dye Works over 2 on this count. Stitching smaller it charming, but this piece of fabric was the perfect thing to choose from my stash and I’m not really a linen count snob. I say use what works best, and if it’s from the stash so much the better!

I intend to find the materials to finish it like the model…you stretch the stitching over a board, trimmed with ric rac, and then affix it to a painted art board of some type. I will see if I can find the right thing. If not, it will fit in a standard frame. It occurs to me this will look nice with my pumpkin I made earlier this year. I should make a fall display!

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