Can’t resist a finish…

I was so close I went ahead and finished the stitching on the first 2 little pillow inserts of the Jeannette Douglas Garden Box. Here they are!!

I started the long cushion next. Unfortunately I stitched the border in the wrong color. The chart is oriented sideways and and symbols used for the supposed-to-be-TAN border is upside down of the symbol used for the dark green vine. So I had reversed the pattern when I turned it and didn’t notice there were 2 symbols identical except for orientation. I finished it before I realized what was going on. I’m not restitching it. I will make the green border in the last piece of this set tan so the colors balance better. It’s ok but very vexing!!

I have been working on finishing finishing too… m so close on several items so I want them ALL to be done before I make that post!

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