Dorcas’ Strawberry Band II

Slowly slowly I’m getting through the Strawberry Band. Here I have almost half of it done.

This weekend I put the little leaves on the berries, satin stitch, and started on the queen stitch leaves, which have many partial stitches. Here’s a close up:

The Scarlet Letter graph is not very useful because it just gives the outline of the leaves and for me it works better to see where the individual stitches should be placed. So I photocopied and enlarged a set of leaves and drew in the stitches to improve my efficiency. But somewhere I went wrong so my bottom leaves are not quite the same as the top ones. I’m not taking these out, don’t worry, but I do prefer the top leaves so I think I’ll work on getting the remaining leaves all like the top ones and have one oddball set of fat leaves.

I don’t dislike this band but it’s so slow going. I can’t wait to get to the alphabet band. I also have to go back and put in the tendrils on the band above. I still haven’t decided what color those should be.

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