Dorcas’ Strawberry Band III

I worked as much as I could this weekend on the strawberry band. It is coming along!

Now that I have all the counting and method figured out it’s just the work. Queen stitches are a lot of work but they are so beautiful. The vine of course is very easy. I feel confident I will get this band done this month.

I auditioned brown for the tendrils in the grape band. It seems appropriate for the verse which is about mortality. I think I like it. Plus the brown happens again in the acorns and I think the repetition of colors is important to the rhythm of the sampler.

See, and compare I do think I like the brown better than the rust…

Shhh… I started the alphabet too now that the entire vine is laid in so I have something easy to work on when I need a break from queen stitches…

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