A Serendipitous Start

One of my sweet co-workers at The Attic has been working on the creation of a silk conversion. It has been laid out on a table percolating until it reaches a state of perfection. I have to walk by it everyday, with it calling my name, the siren song of my favorite autumnal colors in glorious Glorianas. This week, I had had enough. It was very well done and as far as I could see, had no room for improvement. It was a chart I wanted to stitch too, and had planned to covert to silks myself, so I wrote up the threads, took it home (purchasing the ones I didn’t have), picked out the linen from my stash, and STARTED.

This is Sacred from Teresa Kogut. The Glorianas are beautiful on the 40 ct V. Light Exampler from Lakeside. Again, this was stash linen for me, my last scrap of it. It is the exact right size for this project so I KNOW it was meant to be. Check out these silks…

I need an easy to stitch project for an upcoming trip and this fits the bill. Plenty of straight lines, easy patterns, and filling in.

I love the colors. It is a meaningful stitch for me too. I look forward to having in framed in a special place at home.

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