The People Choose…


One thing I love about Jo’s People’s Choice Blog Hop is running around looking at all my stitching and trying to find out what fits the month’s theme. That was especially true this month because I don’t know that I’ve ever stitched something that is only leaves, but I bet more than half the things I’ve stitched have leaves on them.

Here’s a little collage of especially nice stitched leaves I found.

The biggest project with the most leaves is probably my Autumn Quaker from Rosewood Manor. I really loved especially the oak (or maple?) leaves on this one. The same motif is stitched 3 times each with different colors.

One of my plans for next year is to stitch this project from Mary Corbet, The Leafy Tree. I should finish First Garden first to practice more of the new-to-me embroidery stitches. Both of these projects certainly have many and varied leaves!

For something simpler, here is a little freebie for you from La D Da: Fallen Leaf I haven’t stitched this freebie myself but thought the sentiment was sweet. La D Da has many other cute freebies on her website, and several with leaves!

One thought on “The People Choose…

  1. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. Love all your leafy projects. Of course I had to examine Autumn Quaker to find the repeating motif!
    Love that Mary Corbet Tree, I do hope you stitch that one.

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