2020 End of Year Summary

What a year it has been! I will reflect on it more as I go, but truly, I have had a really good stitching year! 43! Yes OVER FORTY finishes! That is 43 projects for which the stitching is finished! Now a few of them were started before this year, but still finishing off that many has blown my mind! Of those, I think 33 are projects that were completed and FFO’d this year, while there are 10 additional projects that need to be FFO’d. I also have 5 or 6 new-in-2020 WIPS in my project bags which I will work on finishing up in the first part of 2021. And I made progress on some bigger WIPS including my start on Bathya which I will continue in 2021 and beyond no doubt! I will intersperse my thoughts with the projects I have completed this year.

Who would have thought, this time last year as we looked into a year numbered 2020, a number which seemed to augur promise and hope, that we would spend the majority of the year under the shadow of a pandemic? Lives diminished for loved ones lost, and lifestyles altered by new ways of doing things.

Well. My family has been blessed in that none of my immediate family members have fallen ill, though we have missed seeing our out-of-town family. It has been over a year since I’ve seen my parents, the longest we’ve ever gone. (They live in Indiana, a 5-hour plane ride from Arizona).

On the bright side, my in-laws, also from Indiana, have decided to become “snowbirds” and live in Phoenix during the winter so we have seen much more of them and that has been wonderful, and for the kids especially to spend more time with their grandparents.

Our family has also been blessed in that my husband already worked from home, and his work has continued uninterrupted this year. The kids have been doing distance-learning through their school, all 4 of the school age ones, and our teachers have done an amazing job creating and implementing this program. The kids are doing well. I have learned how to manage them and our days ok. We are out of survival mode with distance learning and it has become just the way we do things for now.

And even as I said back in March, I do not miss our too-busy schedule. I will think hard about our schedule if/when life ever returns to “normal.” The number of activities for kids, the format of our days and weekends, and the stress that was running us all ragged without us even knowing it, until it all…stopped.

And back to stitching! I have been very pleased with my projects this year. I loved my first goldwork piece, Foxy:

Foxy by Becky Hogg

Even though the vast vast majority of my finished projects were smalls, I did also get some bigger things done which were larger and more complicated. I was a little braver about choosing more challenging projects and being committed to working on them.

I feel like I did actually stitch more (I do not keep track of hours-that’s not really my style!) because I had a little time to stitch while the kids were working on school (it is easy to stitch and read spelling words for instance) or during summer swim time. I had a lot more time to stitch at night because we had far fewer outings, and my days don’t start as early with distance learning so I can stay up later at night.

So, for me, I am grateful for all these many blessings. I am looking forward very much to my 2021 stitching, and whatever life in general may bring (hopefully a vaccine that works!) I hope you’ve also been able to experience moments of joy and blessing in a year of uncertainty and stress. Thank you for all your supportive and encouraging comments over the year. I look forward to continuing to share my stitching with you and seeing what you’ve been up to as well!

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what belongs to others belong to us as well. -Voltaire”

P.S. I apologize to those of you unable to leave comments! I am not very adept at the technical side of blogging! This fall my blog account (?) updated and my security features updated and but my blog “look” (I guess the aesthetics side of it) did not update in sync with the other updates. I myself have to go through a ridiculous “I am not a robot” challenge in order to access my own blog. It is tiresome, I know. So a big project for me in 2021, which I do not look forward to, is reconfiguring my blog. Thank you for not giving up on me and continuing to visit!

6 thoughts on “2020 End of Year Summary

  1. A beautiful round up but most of it couldn’t be viewed on your blog, only in my Reader,
    The blog post started with Round Things. I’ve found that the text does not appear on your blog sometimes and hides behind the photos!
    I can comment because I guess where the boxes are LOL
    Do you pay much for this domain name?

      1. Thanks for checking! I’m sure it has to do with the gallery format. It is not compressing the images. I am looking into a new gallery tool which should solve the problems! I’d rather be stitching than learning all this tech!!! But I do need to learn it!

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