Last Finishes of the Year and New Starts

Many stitchers, I know, try to finish up a few last projects at the end of the year. Count me among them, I too had to wrap up a few loose ends!

First is an ornament I stitched WAY earlier in the year, this little mitten from Mill Hill. This one was started by my grandma and only had about half the stitching and the beads left. I finished it up in no time, but never put on the backing or hanger! Silly silly! It has sat with my sewing notions for months! Well, I want it on my tree and to be able to put it away when I pack up my ornaments, so I did that FFO.

Then, I needed, as you may remember, just the beads to put on this Hardanger Heart. I couldn’t find the right ones easily and didn’t have anything in my stash that seemed to go. So one very sweet reader of my blog offered to send me some and they worked very well! Thank you so very much, Catherine! Here it is all finished, and ready to FFO.

I also have a couple FFO’s to share, Cozy Into Winter made an easy pillow. I ordered an absolutely adorable poinsettia pin to stick in it from Gina’s Unique Boutique on Etsy. It’s not here yet but I’ll share it with you when it comes.

And I have a project I did not share before because it was a gift, but is now received, an ornament for my cousin:

The letter is from Veronique Maillard’s book Alphabets Anciens. This book has many beautiful letters in it. I added a mother of pearl button which was from our grandmother’s button box.

Now for new starts. I could have spent this week working on WIPs, maybe I would even have finished one! Deerfield probably could be finished for example:

But instead, in this week between Christmas and New Years I have started three new projects! One is from my “bucket list” I posted about in November. This is Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. I just could not wait another minute to start her! And instead of following the order of work, I am skipping all around! The colors are FANTASTIC. Most of this is stitched with Caron Waterlilies which I really like.

Then I have this embroidery, First Garden from Canevas Folies. I love French knots so I started on some of the flowers featuring those, as well as the buttonhole wheels. I will tell you more about this project as I get more into it.

Finally I thought, it would be nice to finish just one more thing this year! Quick, find something very small! And here is the candidate, Louise from Atalie. It’s been in my pile of “to be stitched” for far too long. I’ll get it done by Thursday, yes I will. The rest is just whipped backstitch, French knots, lazy daisies, and spiderweb roses. It will be fun and easy. And yes, it is another heart. I can do both my hearts together and maybe by doing more of them with practice they will look halfway decent.

5 thoughts on “Last Finishes of the Year and New Starts

  1. Lovely finishes and great new starts – wishing you a peaceful time in 2021, Happy New Year

  2. Such beautiful stitching, Mary! I love the initial ornament and the Deerfield piece especially! Always amazed at how much you accomplish while raising a busy family! Happy New Year to you ♥

  3. Mary: Happy New Year, I am so jealous you have had a beautiful productive year, I am so much in love with that fox he is a beauty as are all your finishing and stitching.


  4. So much stitchy goodness! I love both the hearts, they will look beautiful together.
    The Indigo Rose colours are stunning and the floral border is going to look amazing! I can see why you couldn’t wait to start these designs.

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