Random Thoughts Update!

I am so excited to share with you the progress on Random Thoughts! I’ve kept working away on it and here is the top 3/4 of the center design, all done except for charms!

I love how the little stitcher is the same as the one on the needleminder!

The final motifs I was putting in involved quite a few special stitches that I was doing for the first time. I’m not sure how well I executed them but I figure practice is as much the point of a sampler as anything and I mostly wanted some exposure to these stitches so I have a better appreciation and knowledge of them.

Here’s my queen stitch:

This area was time consuming. The dark floss was hard to see. I think they are just ok but I can imagine them being very impressive in other materials or design.

Double faggoting stitch:

I LOVE the Jessica stitch on the sunflowers too!

I really am doubtful how successful this one is, I can barely see it myself being white silk on cream linen, and I could not find a clear example online to make sure it looked right. Hmmm…

Spiderweb roses:

I have had a bit of experience with these before and they are fun and pretty.

Four-sided stitch with satin stitch and diamond eyelet:

This makes a such pretty pattern and was therapeutic to stab and pull! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Combo of ray stitch and Smyrna cross

Picky picky! My tension is uneven! But a pretty combination!

Double running stitch:

I couldn’t figure out how to get this particular pattern perfectly repeated on front and back but I appreciate the experience and really wanted to learn how this technique works! Neat!

There are about 2 “rows” left in this whole center piece (plus a border). Being so close I really want to get the center done! But about half the motifs are more special stitches to learn. And I really want to get to that baby sampler! Decisions decisions!

I’ll end with these sweet little over 1 sections.

You can see the grass in rapid stitch here too, at the top.

I always dread over 1 but then it turns out not to be so bad. I’m relying on that fact for my Snowbirds Ornament which I’ll show you next time!

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