January 2021 Smalls Check In

Welcome to the first installment of the 2021 Smalls Blog Hop! For all you smalls stitchers out there, it is a chance to link up to share any little thing you’ve completed this month! If you have never participated before, why not join us this year (you can actually join in at any time and just participate in the months when you wish to share something). It’s always so fun to see what everyone has been working on, and the more the merrier!

I managed to finish Token of Love from Samplers Not Forgotten. This was a kit that includes the backing fabric and trim in addition to floss and fabric so I will finish it as a small pillow. I aim to get it FFO’d to display in February. I have many hearts queued up to finish for February so you can look forward to that!

Now I’ve been looking forward to what you have stitched! Please share it below and I’ll do my best to come by and visit you! The link up will stay open for about a week!

13 thoughts on “January 2021 Smalls Check In

  1. Your heart is so pretty and delicate, and perfect timing to join the others in February. Looking forward to seeing exactly how many hearts you have lined up! 🙂

  2. That heart is gorgeous! Congrats on your finish.
    Also, I messed up my picture on the link and didn’t know how to fix it…

  3. YOur heart is simply gorgeous!! Beautiful colors and Love the linen you have stitched it on. Looking forward to seeing the final finish.

    1. What a gorgeous heart, Mary! I love the variety of colors and I know your finish will be beautiful. Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead!

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