English Sampler Pillow Oops!

I’m still plugging away at the GPA English Sampler Pillow:

It’s showing progress! The pillow sure is pretty to stitch on though the loopy trim does catch my thread frequently.

I discovered I made a big mistake. Instead of starting 4 threads from the bottom I started 4 stitches from the bottom! Oh no! I will not be able to stitch the design as charted unless I go to the very top thread which will look cramped and uneven.

After studying the matter thoroughly I’ve decided to modify the “year” band and reduce its height by 2-3 stitches so everything will fit evenly. And I’m ok with that! I don’t care if I leave off the year, I just hope I can find a good band to go there that won’t look out of place. We’ll see how it goes!

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