What I Stitched On Last Week

My stitching has continued to be quite random lately, just working on what calls me at the moment. I have a little progress to share from last week:

Lazy Alphabet by La D Da.

(This one is so fun!)

Charmed by Raise the Roof

(Also so fun!)

English Sampler Pillow

(I messed up the spacing of the mauve dots so I have to take out half of them. Argh! And then I simply must address that pesky row I need to rechart! Wish me courage and luck!)

Angels by Country Cottage Needleworks

(It’s coming way too slow for how small it is but I only work on it at my little guy’s swim lesson so 1/2 hour a week).

I also framed my little Jeanette Douglas Sunflowers. I found a good frame at Hobby Lobby but it was white and gray and silver and that didn’t go very well so I painted it. This one makes me happy!

So this was a nice productive little week but now I would like a satisfying finish soon so I guess I need to CONCENTRATE!

5 thoughts on “What I Stitched On Last Week

  1. You certainly had a productive week! I cannot see the counting error on the pink dots, are you sure you have to rip out? Love the cheerful sunflower and great job on making the pretty frame work for you.

  2. Such beautiful projects Mary. Everything looks wonderful. It truly is hard to see any mistakes in the pink dots. RJ

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