My Three Big WIPs

I went into this year with 3 bigger projects: Random Thoughts by The Drawn Thread, Heirloom Nativity by Victoria Sampler, and Baby Celebration by Just Nan. Now do you even remember those first two?!

Of course I did make good progress on all of them but none are quite finished! And they all could be! So with 3 months left in the year, here’s what I’m going to do:

1) Finish Baby Celebration in October so it will be done before baby’s 1st birthday on November 10. Here is it as of today:

You can see how close I am! No problem with this goal!

2) Complete the center design of Random Thoughts before Thanksgiving. The “Z” represents the bottom right corner of the center section. I’ll do the border and hem stitch in 2019 (!) because there will be a learning curve!

Also very close! My delay is all the over one bits-there is a cat and a flower-and then I have to chart my name…well, it’s not the straightforward stitching. I can do it!

3) Stitch down to the hardanger portion of Heirloom Nativity before Christmas. Again there’ll be a learning curve with the hardanger so I’ll save that for 2019 too.

This one has the most work on it, but also the longest time to get it completed. And it will be nice to stitch the Nativity in Advent.

What a lovely plan!

Somehow within this stitching I have 2 little gifts to make and I’d really like to get one small done a month to keep up with the Smalls SAL and possibly Ornies SAL (especially because I have pieces picked for those). Anyway, we’ll see-I don’t want to put off the big pieces anymore in order to do the little ones this year. Wish me luck to persevere and succeed with my lovely plan!

4 thoughts on “My Three Big WIPs

  1. I love your projects so much. I know how you feel. I have big projects that just wait and wait for me because little stitches, such as ornament ” have” to get done!!

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