Feeling Productive!

Lounging Hare has proved to be a great motivator this week-I can’t wait to really get into it. So, I have FINALLY finished For the Birds! Ta Da! I really like it! I plan to frame it up myself.  I need to find a frame with a 7 1/2″ square opening. Not likely, right? I will have to order one.

Next is God Bless the Moon. Is it finished? Yes…except I still want a silver star charm for the moon. I should order it right away to check this off the list! I LOVE how Glowing Embers worked out. The colors in the whole thing are great. I can’t wait to find another project to really showcase Embers though. It deserves it!

Over the last week, and with Christmas breathing down my neck, I spent little scraps of time getting all those Mill Hill ornaments finished up with felt backing and hangers. Is there a better way to finish these? Maybe, but this is how my grandma did it and I like them with the felt and gold cord. I don’t think I will ever really tire of Mill Hill ornaments. They are always just so cute and sparkly. But if I do make all the ones I have, I will have to dedicate one tree just to them!

Group Shot 2016 Mill Hill finishes!!!!

Finally, I ordered new buttons for Wishes Do To Heaven Aspire. I really dragged my feet on that, but I did it, they are perfect, and after finishing up this little pillow I can put away my sewing machine for awhile!

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