My September Small and a Preview of my October Small

Welcome all you visiting from Heather’s Smalls SAL!

I feel like I have several little things going at the moment and it was too hard to decide which to finish for this month’s small! But ultimately all of them just had too much work to finish in the time I had left this week, so I picked up something new and VERY small, this scissor fob from the Scarlett House’s Button Posies:

Now isn’t that sweet? I just need to find a black button and have a finishing day to sew up a bunch of the things that are ready to FFO.

As a preview, here’s one of those small things that I couldn’t finish this time but plan to get done for the October Smalls check in:

It’s Mr. Nutley Owl from Just Nan. What a dapper fellow he will be!

Hope to see you next month and if you wish to see more Smalls head on back to Stitching Lotus!

7 thoughts on “My September Small and a Preview of my October Small

  1. Mary I love your Scarlett House stitch and look forward to seeing more of the other stitch. RJ

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