A weekend’s work

My husband took the 3 big kids on the school’s Dads Club Winter Camp this weekend. Where we live our overnight lows don’t often go below freezing and there is never snow so this was a big deal for the kids and gave me long evenings to stitch after the little kids were asleep. I “watched” ( because how can you stitch and watch something really) BOTH movies of Pride and Prejudice (the miniseries with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and the newer Keira Knightly one which I have not seen before and which I liked very much). But you didn’t come here to hear about that! You want to see my stitching!

I spent some time with my Lorna Bateman ribbonwork pincushion. Here’s how it’s coming.

I have done all the “easy” flowers. What remains are the ones that seem trickier and all the leaves.

I worked on Frosty Knot Garden and I am loving it:

I’m enjoying working with the variety of threads. That keeps the work interesting even when it’s repetitive.

Finally I finished La D Da’s Merry Christmas from JCS Ornaments 2009. I used the recommended silks (except the stars for which I just picked a yellow I had) on 40 ct Vintage Examplar from Lakeside Linens.

I had to frog the whole branch which was stitched last fall because it was off by one and I didn’t want to fudge it. Fortunately I discovered the problem before I put the berries on! It wasn’t so bad. I most enjoyed the lovely lovely berries which are done with Red Clay Gloriana and it was so beautiful to watch the colors shift while I stitched them. This piece will be my contribution to the January Ornies SAL as it is from the designated JCS magazine for this month. I am squeezing it in under the wire! Now I need to pick something for February!

20 thoughts on “A weekend’s work

    1. Me too! Thanks! I am trying to be SO careful with the Chatelaine now because it would be a nightmare to get it “off” at this early stage!

  1. Fantastic work. Love the colors in the knot garden. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely work, every bit of it! I always like to see when you post pictures of your stitching since you photograph it all so well that all the beautiful details show – the detail and the metallics (blending filament?) in your mandala, the rich shades of red in those berries (and I’m reminded why I always want to buy Examplar linen!), and the various textures created in the silk ribbon embroidery. You certainly used your alone time to advantage!

  3. Beautiful work. The ribbon embroidery is so pretty, I have done a little bit but not much, just adding a flower or two to a cross stitched design.
    The Chatelaine is stunning, but then they all are!

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