January Gifted Gorgeousness and People’s Choice

I have a double dipping post for Jo’s SALs at Serendipitous Stitching this week. Some of my new starts this month, which are part of the New Starts in January for People’s Choice were also gifts, qualifying for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.

This week I started Plum Street’s Birthday Tart, the chart was a Christmas present from my husband.

Really, everything I buy is a present from my husband if we’re honest, but this was one he bought himself and wrapped. Plus it is birthday themed so that’s gift-y too! I just have the pumpkin going so far. This design has such sweet colors in it though mine look darker than the model.

Now the next project was not a gift-it is just a new start: Victoria Sampler’s Learning Collection 5-2 to begin learning Hardanger. Just another night of stitching I think and then I will be ready to cut! I was very careful to line up my Kloster blocks so I think we’re all good there!

One more gift is something completely new. This is Lorna Bateman’s ribbon embroidered pin cushion which is a kit my mom gave me last year. I have done only a teeny amount of ribbon embroidery before but I LOVE this design and am determined to do a few new things this year to branch out beyond cross stitch. Because this is a complete kit with excellent instructions, I thought it was a good place to begin.

It’s going quicker than I expected and I am beginning not to be scared of it. 🙂

15 thoughts on “January Gifted Gorgeousness and People’s Choice

  1. Thanks for taking part in both my SALs! I am honoured. Beautiful new starts and I love that ribbon embroidery. Are you sure this is your first attempt?

    1. Oh, well thanks for setting them up! 🙂 You know the only other ribbon I did was on the Atalie heart I made last year about this time, just the woven roses which are quite easy to make look good I think!

  2. Beautiful GG stitching. I love the pretty ribbon embroidery; the little grapes are so cute. It’d be nice to try it at some point!

  3. Hi Mary, Pretty stitching! I love your ribbon roses! I stitched my first ones last year on a tiny sampler ….. I never thought to join in with the Smalls SAL though! I have a “small” stitchery I am just about to start so maybe this year I can join in!
    I see you have a book heading which is a great idea, I was thinking of doing just the same thing on my blog too!
    I have just become a follower of your blog, and am now a subscriber too!
    I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful stitching.
    Barbara xx

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