Random Thoughts

Here’s how the Heirloom Nativity is coming! I love it! So pretty! And this first part went rather quickly so that is nice.

Now  I did cheat a little bit on  my plan..I got the first 7 bands done, but then I started up the 8th, just to finish up the evening last night. I would have gotten more on there, but I miscounted and had to take out half of that snow/tree trunk, and serves me right for not sticking to the plan! I will pick it up again in January. I hope it will be a finish for next year!

Tonight I moved on to Random Thoughts by The Drawn Thread, yes another Drawn Thread. What can I say, I love the variety of small motifs in her designs and the chance to learn some new stitches!

I started with the center motto, 1 over 1 which in a way is refreshing not to have to railroad all the stitches and be counting 2 all the time, fearing to get off, but boy is it tiny! So far mine says “this of no -e & stare.”  Hopefully before Christmas you can see the whole motto!

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