Finish: Check. Start: Check, Check.

I did finish Wild Garden by Blackbird Designs last week! The kit came with a “vintage glass Czech star” so that is the bling on there. I had thought about finishing this as a flat fold but I think I’ll actually frame it. I feel like it needs a more substantial border to contain all that wildness!

A neat thing about this personalization is that the called for year was 1920. Well, being it’s 2019, I just transposed the number to make it 2019!

Right away I dove into another start, Let It Bee by The Drawn Thread. Oh my, this is a quick, satisfying stitch with just the right amount of specialty stitches to keep it interesting!

You can see I will have it done really soon. The time consuming part is the perle over 4 crosses that make the trellis effect on the whole border. I am still finding my rhythm to stitch it, but it sure makes a pretty effect! This one is designed for a 5×7 frame. I love that. It will be a no-brainer to FFO it.

Then I could not resist another Blackbird Designs, this one from a club I was in. It is called A Bit of Summer and is finished as a drum. The fabric is Weeks Sanguine and it is very warm and pretty to stitch on.

You can see I haven’t gotten so far on this one, but the design is lovely with birds, stars, vines, and berries. I really really love it. I am looking forward to trying a drum finish too. They are so popular right now and I have several drum kits/charts in my collection!

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