Two Sparkly Ornaments

I did it! Here are my two very sparkly ornaments I showed you partially done last week!

First is Madonna and Child from Just Cross Stitch Ornaments 2010. The designer is Brooke’s Books. I substituted quite a few of the fibers because I did not have the called for Kreiniks. None of the sparkly threads were very easy to use but they give such a pretty effect!

Then I finished Variegated Snowflake from Fuzzy Fox Designs on Etsy. I should mention that I bought this pattern with an Etsy gift card from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, which I won by taking part in one of her blog hops-I think the Easter one. Thank you so much, Jo!

I substituted the threads on this, using Thread Gatherers’ Silk N Colors Aqua Clouds and a blue Kreinik blending filament. The 2 went together pretty well-I think the silk helped the Kreinik go more smoothly. So sparkly!

I took it outside to try to capture the sparkle! It really is a successful effect!

I am trying to decide if the called for beads would add anything. I feel like it’s fine as is but I do love beads! I may try them out in a corner and see what it looks like…

I have finishing plans for both of these so you can look for them in the next couple weeks as part of the FFO Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Two Sparkly Ornaments

  1. Two lovely finishes and both using metallics; brave you! The snowflake is really pretty as it is but now you’ve mentioned adding beads I’d say go for it! If you’re unsure, how about laying some out on top of it for a while before you attach any, just to see if you like them. 🙂

  2. Sooo pretty! Do you like working with metallics? I love the effect of the blending filaments but not so much stitching with them. I agree – the silk floss would most likely make them slide easier.

  3. What a pretty snowflake! It really does look great without the beads but I am sure they will add that little something to the piece. Beautiful Madonna and Child too.

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