Let the People Choose…Lizzie*Kate!

I am linking up with Serendipitous Jo to show you my People’s Choice for January…my one and only Lizzie*Kate!

With the addition of buttons, copying my good friend’s inspiration! (and solving the problem of too much space a the bottom)

I discovered Lizzie*Kate the year she was retiring. I panicked since this had happened to me before, where I fall in love with a designer whose work is all OOP or something, so I instantly bought up all my favorite LK designs. Now I haven’t gotten to stitching them yet, but they are organized very neatly in a little binder and I enjoy looking at them and feeling the satisfaction of having a complete little curated collection of charts. Half of this hobby is collecting the materials for it, am I right?

All that said, I do have more LK hanging around my house, courtesy of a good stitching friend. Here are 2..

Thank you for popping by my blog for People’s Choice! I hope you subscribe, and will come back again for more updates on my stitching life!

7 thoughts on “Let the People Choose…Lizzie*Kate!

  1. I love your LK! and how you stitched it up! The buttons certainly look as though they belong there. Your friends have gifted you two beautiful pieces as well.

  2. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. I love this design and the way the fabric matches it perfectly, even down to the long legged birds,

    1. Aw thanks! I can’t take credit for the fabric or finish-it was a premade stitcher’s wallet that came in the kit so she probably made the design off the fabric but it is SO cute, that’s why I got it! And it was nice to not have to do any finishing!

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