More Progress on Frosty…and a Snowflake

I’ve really been enjoying Frosty Knotgarden! Here it is after another week of stitching:

I also made up the Mill Hill snowflake I mentioned. There is very little to this one so it was basically a 3 session project for me. It needs trimming and the felt back.

I’ve also been doing some “secret stitching” which will be revealed at the right moment. So, I stitched a lot last week which is very nice! My goal THIS week is finishing so I have some things to show in the FFO gallery in a few days! See you then!

11 thoughts on “More Progress on Frosty…and a Snowflake

    1. It was so quick to stitch too! The Snow Crystals series is especially pretty and I’m impressed how they make a 6 sided thing on the square paper!

  1. Mary, Frosty Knotgarden is so pretty and it just keeps getting prettier. I also love your new Mill Hill snowflake. I must try one of them…you tempt me all the time. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  2. I’ve been tempted by, but so far avoided purchasing, the little Mill Hill snowflakes. Yours is so sweet and has rekindled that temptation! 🙂

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