Little Bubbles of Happiness

I know I said I wouldn’t start anything new this month. Then I found the cutest SAL and I had to join in. It is so little and sweet. It is called Bulles de Bonheur (Bubbles of Happiness) and is offered by a French designer, Pili Campoy on her blog Lin Pulsion.

She says, we are all living in our own bubbles right now during our pandemic lockdowns, and we should make them little Bubbles of Happiness. My French is still ok for reading…I hope that is a good enough summary-translation!

Here are my first 6 little Bubbles. You pick your own colors and I am using Gloriana Antique Pink and Ollieberry (the purple) and Thread Gatherer Cerise Noir on a 36 ct mystery linen-it is pale gray blue. I am happy with the colors. I think I should swap the Cerise and the Antique Pink to make the pink more of a highlight color rather than a focus color. I might do that going forward.

If you want to join, here is some more information: It is a free chart for the duration of the SAL (49 weeks or so-it is currently on week 14) and then the pattern will be available to purchase-I assume on her Etsy shop. (Pili Campoy has a similar pattern- only squares- and many other cute designs in her Etsy shop. ) A new bubble is released each Wednesday for a total of 49, with a border at the end. You can stitch in a square, or some ladies are doing stitch bands or other configurations, or even separate ornaments! There is a Facebook group to see lots of inspirations for colors and layouts-search for Bulles de Bonheur.

4 thoughts on “Little Bubbles of Happiness

  1. I have been saving the charts. I had the idea of making them very tiny but the fabric I had wasn’t very nice. So I am waiting for some more!
    Love your colour scheme.

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