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Favorite designer of 2020! Jo of Serendipitous Stitching has asked those of us linking up for People’s Choice to share the favorite designer we stitched in 2020. Friends, for me it just has to be The Drawn Thread! I stitched so much in 2020 but the piece I just really loved stitching the most was Toccata One designed by Cynthia Zittel. It was such a fun, interesting, educational stitch. And went very quickly too!

You never get bored with a stitch like this. As soon as you say “I’ve had enough of this stitch,” you’re finished with that section. It was like eating potato chips. Finish one block and then say, “Just one more tonight!” The only thing that extended the project was missing a few threads so it got put away for a long while. Each time I got in a new thread, I went right back to it. I will get this framed in 2021. I will probably try to frame it myself, it is not too big.

I stitched another piece by Cynthia too, this little Love ornament. It was fun and quick too!

I also had my Random Thoughts I had stitched a few years ago framed. Seeing it all framed reminded me how much I had loved stitching this one as well (in 2018).

I will be stitching another Drawn Thread piece in 2021, Treasure Box. It has very similar motifs and colors to the others so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. In a stroke of luck I was able to find the box shown in the model to finish it on. That is why I picked this one to stitch next-the finishing will be a cinch and not anything extra I have to buy.

If you’d like to share your favorite designer of 2020 or see others’ favorites, why not head back to Serendipitous Stitching?! There’s sure to be lots of inspiration and things to oooh and aaah over!

5 thoughts on “The People Choose…

  1. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. I love The Drawn Thread too. Toccata One is stunning, it’s nice to see it in close-up and appreciate all the different stitches and techniques.
    Looking forward to seeing their next project from you this year.

  2. Gorgeous work Mary, I like The Drawn Thread charts too and agree that you never get bored with the stitches before moving on to the next motif.

  3. I like how you compared it to eating potato chips, with no calories and no greasy mess!
    All are beautiful pieces, the Love ornament is precious.

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