Deerfield Finished!

I guessed right! 2 more stitching nights and I finished Deerfield!

I have to say I really enjoyed a piece that was 100% cross stitch after all the special stitch heavy projects I’ve been doing lately. It finished up so quickly too!

This will be framed and go on the wall with my small samplers display.

In my newly empty project bag I am putting a “bucket list” project, the Italian Peacocks Purse by Giulia Punti Antichi.

It is also 100% cross stitch in silk (Thread Gatherer! Yummy!) I will try not to neglect my other projects in favor of it because I just know how enjoyable it will be!

3 thoughts on “Deerfield Finished!

  1. Deerfield is gorgeous and will look lovely on your wall. I love the purse, green is my favorite color and what a pleasure it would be to stitch that with silks! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Deerfield, it’s a very happy project!
    The purse is beautiful, I’m looking forward to seeing this one stitched up.

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