Couldn’t resist

I put the first stitches in the Italian Peacocks Purse. This will go quickly if I work on it diligently, But I’m not going to. I want to make progress on my hard projects and that will never happen if I keep doing the easy ones!

I couldn’t resist making a start on another Bucket List project which I thought would be hard though, the Elegant Lady’s Bargello Needle Roll from Sampler Cove and Jackie du Plessis. It turns out that as long as I count…and recount…and double check obsessively, this will be fairly straightforward and not so hard after all. But big! It is 6×12″ solidly stitched. That’s 6 rows of these ogee shapes which I only outlined one night and then started to fill in the next night. I don’t do a lot of full coverage you know so that’s a lot of stitching in a small space for me! But my, will it be stunning.

Ok. I promise I will do something to merit working on these ones and show you really soon. This week. I promise!

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