Pushing to a Finish

I think this week I am going to try to finish the GPA Peacocks Purse. I’ve worked on it a few nights since the last time I showed you and here it is today:

What remains is filling in the leaves, the green back on the left peacock, and the white stripes on the tail feathers. And maybe a few other stitches here and there. That is probably 2-3 nights of stitching. I should just finish it up, right?

There is a small design with initials to go on the other side of the purse. That will be quick to do.

The finishing of this will be tricky though-I will need to line the purse, sew on the mother of pearl handles, and make 2 fancy tassels. That will be a real PROJECT!

5 thoughts on “Pushing to a Finish

  1. I agree, push to finish this, it’s beautiful and you are so close.
    Looking forward to seeing the FFO’ing too. You’ve got a month until the 10th June!

  2. Wow! This is so pretty already, Mary and I know when you work your magic the final piece will be so special! I do look forward to seeing it!

  3. Very pretty design! I hope you were able to get in some time on it and you worked through the tricky parts.

    Just remember… patience!!

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