Finish and A Start

Here is my finished Treasure Box from the Drawn Thread. It is pretty! I do like it after all. Mounting it in the box will be easy so you’ll see it again soon.

My next project is a present. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary next June! I have wanted to make this Victoria Sampler piece for them:

It’s it pretty? I just have to find some good linen for this in my stash. I know it will not take a whole year to do it but I do want to have it done in plenty of time so I’m starting now.

2 thoughts on “Finish and A Start

  1. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for your box lid. I am glad that you like it!
    The 50th Anniversary piece is gorgeous, lots of skills and techniques to master there.

  2. Your Treasured Box turned out beauifully! I’m looking forward to seeing it on the box.
    Wow, the sampler looks so lovely, you have plenty of time to finish it.

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